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DINCO E&C is a choice Top for customers in the field of construction of industrial plants, buildings, hotels, resorts and traffic works, Infrastructure. As a Company specializing in the aforementioned fields, we are committed to always satisfy the needs of our customers that exceed their expectations regardless of the complexity of the project and even in the most remote locations. DINCO E&C confident to fulfill any commitments made thanks to a skillful combination of extensive knowledge, rich experience and accumulated skills. We have helped our clients save money and time on their projects through a team of optimal solution designers consisting of Architect, Structural Engineer, MEP . Engineer smooth coordination and consistency on the model BIM. In particular, thanks to the deep and good relationship with government agencies, the legal support team will help customers obtain licenses such as: IRC, ERC, EIA (DTM)Construction Permit, Fire Protection Certificate, Work Completion Certificate… and other procedures related to the project as quickly as possible.

Together with customers, DINCO E&C is a reputable general contractor in Vietnam taking the lead in contributing to creating opportunities and jobs to improve the quality of life of local people. DINCO E&C project construction.

DINCO E&C is a privately owned company operating throughout Vietnam with more than 400 employees and over 3000 workers.


With the desire to bring to the market products and services of international standards and completely new experiences in modern lifestyle, in any field, Din Capital has proved its pioneering role, leading driving changes in consumer trends.
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