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Dufago is a member of Din Capital – Operating in the field of concrete production. Fresh concrete products are automatically produced on modern synchronously installed lines along with a team of skilled managers and engineers. Dufago Concrete has produced products with perfect quality that meet the requirements of domestic and foreign investors who are famous to be hard.

Step by step, slowly and surely with unremitting efforts, up to now Dufago Concrete has become the leading concrete supplier with a nationwide service network and is the optimal choice of construction contractors, domestic and foreign investors. Up to now, with 15 years of presence in the market, DUFAGO Concrete is proud to be a supplier of fresh concrete in the Central region with quality beyond expectations and fast - dedicated service.

With prestige and core values ​​drawn into each product, Dufago always understands and puts the interests of customers first. Coming to DUFAGO, you will be guaranteed in term of:

  • Honesty and Ethics
  • Responsibility
  • Continuous improvement
  • Environmental hygiene and occupational safety


Concrete production - DIN CAPITAL
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