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In the construction industry, concrete plays a very important role to make the frame of the building solid and sustainable over time. In the early years of the 20s, in harmony with the development of the country, Da Nang city had a very strong change in the construction and expansion of infrastructure development and attracted many projects. industrial investment, tourism and housing… Accompanied with the rapid development of the construction sector, leading to a serious shortage of materials, especially high-quality concrete products for the construction industry modern.

Starting from a large construction company in the Central region and understanding our difficulties as well as those of fellow contractors, in 2007 we decided to invest in establishing DINCO Concrete Factory to self-produce. high quality commercial concrete to serve for yourself. Commercial concrete products are produced automatically on a modern synchronously installed production line along with a team of creative and skilled management and engineers. DINCO Concrete has produced perfect quality products that meet the requirements demand of domestic and foreign investors, which are famous for being the most demanding.

Realizing that the delay in prolonging the construction time and delaying the completion of the project exploitation due to the shortage of construction materials are significant losses, in January 2010, received the high consensus of the The General Meeting of Shareholders after 3 years of operation, Dinco Concrete Enterprise was officially transformed into Pacific Dinco Joint Stock Company to improve financial resources, human resources and expand production scale, invest in public technology. technology brings customers absolute satisfaction about the quality of their products and services.

Slowly and surely with unremitting efforts, Pacific Dinco has become a leading concrete supplier with a nationwide service network and is the optimal choice of construction contractors.
construction, domestic and foreign investors.

Authorized capital:89,099,810,000 VND (Eighty nine billion zero hundred and ninety nine million eight hundred and ten thousand dong)
Tax code:0401333013
Headquarters:233 Dien Bien Phu – Hoa Khe Ward – Thanh Khe District – City. Danang
Phone:(+84)2363.73.79.73 Fax: (+84)2363.73.79.73           Email: [email protected]


With the desire to bring to the market products and services of international standards and completely new experiences in modern lifestyle, in any field, Din Capital has proved its pioneering role, leading driving changes in consumer trends.

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