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Recently, Din Capital Group (PDB) has completed the procedure to receive the transfer of shares of Cosmos Housing Joint Stock Company (Cosmos Housing) from Plutus Vietnam Investment Co., Ltd. (Plutus Vietnam). Accordingly, Plutus Vietnam has transferred all its owned shares of Cosmos Housing Joint Stock Company to Din Capital, which are 1,100,000 shares, including 1,000,000 shares of preferred dividend and 100,000 shares of common stock.

Dincapital participates in capital contribution to Landmark Danang project
Dincapital participates in capital contribution to Landmark Danang project

Currently, Din Capital owns 2.673% of the charter capital of Cosmos Housing Joint Stock Company and continues to contribute to own 25% of the capital at Cosmos Housing according to the signed agreement. This investment will certainly bring a big profit for Din Capital after the project ends, which is expected in 2024.

Landmark Danang project
Landmark Danang project

Introduction of Da Nang Landmark Tower

"Da Nang Landmark Tower" project which consists of apartments, shops, offices, parking, houses and commercial complexes, is invested on nearly 4,000 m2 of land, in the Area of residence, hotels, apartments and commercial service on Street 2/9, Binh Thuan ward, Hai Chau district, Da Nang city.


  • Scale: 2 twin towers, 31-storey Phoenix tower and 39-storey Dragon tower; 2 basements.
  • Land area: 3,765.1 m2.
  • Construction area: 2,258.3 m2.
  • Building density: 59,98 %.
  • Tree density: 20.1 %
  • Total construction floor area: 59,846.03 m2 (including basements, podium, technical floor and attic floor)
  • Project facilities: Park, children's playground, outdoor swimming pool, Sauna bath area, Gym, Golf practice area, ATM area, 100m running practice area, international standard kindergarten, parking area, commercial centers…
  • The project has a management and maintenance process following Japanese standards.
  • Engineers with many years of experience from Japan supervise at the construction site.
  • Expected time for sale opening: Quarter 2, 2022. Estimated time to receive reservations: Quarter 2, 2022.

Project details: 

  • Floor1, 2: Reception desk, Taxi dispatch counter and Taxi waiting area, ATM machines, Trade center and high-class brand shopping stores.Floor 3, 4: Community living area, Sauna bath area, swimming pool for adults and children, 100m running track, Gym room, Golf practice area, international standard kindergarten, children's playground park.


  • Floors 5 - 29: Typical apartment floors: 08 units/floor.
  • Floor 14: Excavation floor.
  • Floor 30: Typical apartments, 04 units/floor.
  • Floor 31: Penthouses, 02 units/floor.

Total number of apartments: 197 units

  • 2-bedroom apartment: 196 units. Area: 55.94 – 145.72 m2.
  • 3-bedroom apartment: 01 unit. Area: 167.4 m2.


  • Floors 5 - 37: Typical apartments, 08 units/floor. Except: Floor 10+16: 03 units/floor.
  • Floor 20: Excavation floor
  • Floor 38, 39: Duplex apartment, 03 units/floor.

Total number of apartments: 249 units:

  • 2-bedroom apartment: 246 units. Area: 55.94 – 228.83 m2.
  • 3-bedroom apartment: 03 apartments. Area: 248.46 – 390.47 m2.
Landmark Danang
Landmark Danang

Din Capital's Goals

Din Capital will diversify in investment activities, focusing on industries and fields where the company has core competencies, outstanding strengths and has experienced successfully such as: Concrete, building materials, middle-class apartments, villas, townhouses, low-rise shophouses, new urban areas.

Buying shares of Cosmos Housing Company is just the beginning in the field of real estate investment, this is also Din Capital's long-term strategy. In the coming time, the group will focus on the real estate sector.

DIN CAPITAL PDB will structure into a multi-industry business group including but not limited:

– Investment on Real estate, Urban, Finance, M&A
– Construction engineering
– Producing building materials, prefabricated components
– Trade and Services
– Ecommerce


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