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Din Capital aspires to become a prestigious investment company with international standards, with an attractive rate of return, sustainability and prestige on the Vietnamese stock market.


Sứ mệnh của Din Capital là đem lại những giải pháp và dịch vụ tốt nhất nhằm đáp những sự kỳ vọng của khách hàng, giúp khách hàng đạt được mục tiêu trong chiến lược kinh doanh lâu dài của họ.


“We are a private company driven by sustainable values”

  • Honesty and Ethics: Din Capital's culture is built on the foundation of honesty and ethics. We set the highest ethical standards in our business and are obligated to follow them by all Din Capital employees. This includes no compromise for any reason and under any circumstances. We are also open and transparent in all business activities with our customers, partners and subcontractors.
  • Racing for shareholders: Din Capital brings the highest possible value to shareholders by always upholding our core values. We earn our shareholders' investment by maintaining the highest standards of integrity, excellent service and a strong commitment to build a better business every day.
  • Responsibility We attach personal responsibility to all jobs even the smallest, based on the principle of doing what you say, dealing with the consequences for what you said but couldn't do.
  • Sustainable development: On the basis of honesty and ethics, we plan and act for the future – for the long-term good of our customers, the environment and the community.


Vision, Mission and Core Values - DIN CAPITAL
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