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Redirecting to real estate investment, Din Capital (PDB) wants to increase by 3.5 times in capital, profit target in 2022 increases by 15 times over the same period


Redirecting to real estate investment, Din Capital (PDB) wants to increase by 3.5 times in capital, profit target in 2022 increases by 15 times over the same period

DIN Capital is planning to increase its equity capital by 3.5 times through 2 stock offerings to existing shareholders to supplement working capital and invest in the construction of a high-end apartment project in Da Nang City. Planned profit in 2022 increased by 15 times over the same period.

In April, DIN Capital Investment Group Joint Stock Company (code PDB) will hold the 2022 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders to approve many important contents related to the orientation of pivoting to the potential real estate sector.

Accordingly, DIN Capital will submit to the General Meeting of Shareholders to approve the plan to offer shares to existing shareholders at the ratio of 1:1 to invest in the luxury apartment project in Da Nang. Correspondingly, the company will issue 8.9 million of shares with a total offering value at par value of VND 89 billion, equity capital is expected to double to VND 178 billion.

As research, the luxury apartment project is located right on the prestigious Bach Dang street, this project also owns the view of Han River with spectacular scenery and is located adjacent to the APEC park - an impressive architectural highlight of the city. This is considered as the "diamond" location of Da Nang coastal city.

Initially turning to real estate, Din Capital has an ambitious business plan for 2022 with the goal of profit after tax of 35 billion dong, 15 times higher than the same period. The field of real estate investment has not yet brought profit in 2022, but the commercial concrete field is expected to contribute VND 17 billion, the profit from the trading business of building materials and other equipment is expected to be 8 billion dong. In particular, the apartment distribution segment is expected to bring in 10 billion dong in fiscal year 2022 alone.

In 2022, the real estate market in Da Nang city continues to be affected by the impact of Covid-19 pandemic, which caused tourism activities to stagnate in the past 2 years, causing real estate to lose its stimulus. However, the high-end apartment real estate segment still keeps pace and is forecast to continue to grow strongly after the pandemic.

According to a report by Savills Vietnam Co., Ltd., Da Nang is in the group of 20 leading markets in the world for luxury real estate, which is likened to a "resort paradise" with many luxury apartment projects at affordable prices and has a lot of prospects in the future.

Over the past time, Da Nang has been preparing to deploy a series of important infrastructure projects, creating momentum to promote economic recovery and development; at the same time, creating a push for real estate recovery, in which luxury real estate will emerge as a highlight and be a potential direction for Da Nang.

In addition, the city is also completing the "Da Nang city planning project for the period of 2021-2030, with a vision to 2050". In the general plan, Da Nang will focus on building and developing the city on three main aspects: tourism, hi-tech industry and marine economy.

This is expected to open up great opportunities for businesses that have been, are and will invest in and develop real estate in general and the luxury apartment segment in particular in Da Nang, including DIN Capital with many advantages of "home field".

The predecessor of Din Capital is Dinco Pacific Concrete (now Dufago concrete), a brand that is so familiar to construction businesses across the country. With many years of experience in producing high-quality commercial concrete for construction needs across the country, the company has extensive relationships to develop cooperative relationships, effectively supporting the search of investment opportunities and project implementation.



Redirecting real estate investment, Din Capital (PDB) wants to increase capital 3.5 times, profit target in 2022 to increase 15 times over the same period - DIN CAPITAL
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